超级PK10首页Call for papers, by the Florence School of Regulation Energy & Climate on the topic of Maladaptation to Climate Change for a special issue of scientific journal Sustainability.

Apply now to the Summer School on “Economic Foundations for Energy and Climate Policies” by the Florence School of Regulation Energy & Climate. Apply by 30 April. 

A blogpost by GLOBALCIT on Coronavirus: Citizenship Infected explores the influence of the virus on the relationship between citizens and  states, and practices of solidarity.

A topical news by the Migration Policy Centre: Is There a Link Between Travel and Spread of Covid19?

Following the initiative of the Italian Ministry, Solidarieta Digitale, the Florence School of Regulation Energy and Climate is offering free training opportunities for professionals and students in the energy sector who are being affected by Covid-19.

The Florence School of Regulation Energy & Climate launched the 2nd annual Lights on Women Scholarship. Apply by 5 May.

Focus on Brexitour academics engage and debate on the meaning and implications of the UK departure from the EU.

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(27 March 2020): What the ‘war on terror’ can teach us about the fight against COVID-19, oped by Richard McNeil Willson, published on Open Democracy

(24 March 2020): Covid-19: Why it is so difficult for Africa to ‘flatten the curve’, oped by Mehari Taddele Mehru, published on Mail & Guardian

(25 February 2020): A Radical Way Out of the EU Budget Maze, oped by Jean Pisani Ferry, published on Project Syndicate

(10 February 2020): Ireland Election: Sinn Féin Arrives as the Third Force in Irish Politics, by Brigid Laffan, published on the Political Studies Association Blog

(28 January): Explaining the Triumph of Trump’s Economic Recklessness, by Jean Pisani-Ferry published on Project Syndicate

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